How you can support the future of Tales from Absurdia

How to support Tales from Absurdia
How to support Tales from Absurdia

Since the beginning of Tales from Absurdia, I’ve sworn not to run ads. This will not change. After all, I am but one man in a sea of equally deserving book bloggers

So far, I’ve been privileged enough to be able to self-fund this platform. I’m mindful not everyone has that liberty and I’m thankful to those of you who frequent this relatively small speck of literary criticism on the web.

However, I am making some changes. Here are a few ways you can support the blog and support independent literary criticism.

Buy me a coffee ☕️

Firstly, I have launched a KoFi account. For those unfamiliar with KoFi, it’s basically a tip jar for online creators. There’s less commitment required than with a platform like Patreon, and it’s a nice way to tip a coin for your Witcher / content creator.

You’ll see a ‘support me’ banner in the bottom left-hand corner of the site, where you can donate the equivalent of a coffee, directly from the blog.  

Click affiliate links 🔗

I will be also making more of a converted effort to roll out affiliate links for all my reviews across Absurdia, and the occasional blog.

So, if you’re curious about a book or want to buy it off the back of a review, please do click through one of my affiliate links.

This has zero impact on your experience but it will kick a few pennies my way if you buy a book via that link.

Direct sponsorship 📚

Finally, I will be opening up sponsorship opportunities for my UK Book Festival Calendar

The Book Festival Calendar is a serious driver of traffic for the blog, with thousands of visitors a month. But I’m super proud that it is also sending a good amount of traffic to book festivals too! 

Because of this, I’ve since had requests from event managers asking if I allow sponsored posts – and Oxford Literary Fest kindly offered me a press ticket!

Given the page’s popularity, I would now like to open up the opportunity for festivals and indie publishers to promote themselves with greater visibility.

I’m working on a press kit as we speak, so watch this space.

Why now?

Well, it’s for a few reasons.

When I first started Tales from Absurdia, I had zero dependents and an okay amount of disposable income. 

It began as a COVID project designed to help improve my digital marketing skills whilst furloughed. Between that and my writing reviews over at Goodreads and sometimes in a journal, a book blog seemed the natural fit. I’d long been an admirer of bloggers like Amy’s Bookshelf and others who have since left the blogosphere.

Fast-forward four years (FOUR!) and I’m still here, writing long-form book reviews and loving it. But it’s starting to add up.

For transparency, hosting alone now costs me over £200 a year up front. I could keep switching providers and benefiting from the introductory deals, but having to re-do my hosting every year is both a hassle and highly time-consuming. It’s also a risk to the SEO value I’ve built up over the years. As a parent who works full-time, finding time to blog is challenging enough. 

But as my traffic increases, so do costs. And frankly, I just need to pull my finger out and monetise some elements of the blog.

How can I help?

All I’d ask is that if you’ve ever enjoyed reading my content here, please consider donating the cost of a coffee into my KoFi. 

(Just a one-off btw – I’m not crowdfunding my writing).

Still, shares, likes, comments, and backlinks make the biggest impact to the visibility of Tales from Absurdia online. Many thanks to those who have engaged so far – you’re the best.

And if you’re an event manager or an indie publisher seeking to sponsor the blog, please do reach out to me at

All the best,

Tales from Absurdia