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Stuck at Home Book Tag (1)

Stuck at Home Book Tag (1)

As we head into the final quarter of the year, the Stuck at Home book tag seemed like a great opportunity to reflect upon the year.

I’ve actually been on furlough for most of the year, and whilst this hasn’t been ideal, I’m thankful for it. It gave me the opportunity to reflect upon what I value most, what makes me happy (or unhappy!), and the direction I want to head in as I approach my 30s.

It gave me the nudge to start this blog, which has been a revelation. It helped me find myself again. 

I can share my love of literature and philosophy, whilst meeting some truly wonderful people online – especially Twitter.

Anyhow, thank you to Nikki Swift Reads for tagging me in this Book Tag! Do go and check her blog out – it’s a vibrant website with some really great content! Also, full credit to Ellyn @Allonsythornraxx as the original creator of this book tag!

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