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10 Brilliant Book Bloggers to Follow in 2022


So, the wonderful folks at Pages Unbound are running a monthly posting challenge designed to support book bloggers in 2022.

There aren’t any particularly strict rules to #BookBloggerSupport22 – feel free to try the challenges in any order – but it must focus on bloggers. We love our BookTuber and Bookstagram comrades and friends, but this is designed to promote longer-form written content.

The first challenge I’m choosing to tackle is to list 10 brilliant book bloggers to follow in 2022 – if you’re not on this list, I still love you. Promise.

Pages Unbound

The creator of this challenge deserves a shout out.

Pages Unbound is easily one of the best book blogs on the internet, with a diverse mix of classical literature and YA fiction. 

Briana & Krysta are amazing at creating (and promoting) their bookish content – if I’m ever half as successful as them, I’d be thrilled.

Rebbie Reviews

Rebbie Reviews is an absolute star. Again, a really fine book blogger. She takes part in The Write Reads book tour circuit fairly frequently, so you can guarantee you’ll find some interesting independently published books on her blog.

She also brought my attention to a really interesting used book scheme that is promoting literacy in the UK, whilst reducing waste.. 

Spells & Spaceships

Alex @ Spells & Spaceships has cornered the SFF book blogging game like an absolute pro.

His interviews with authors are always interesting, and his famed #Norsevember month of Norse-based content is really impressive.

Little Bird Book Blog

Little Bird Book Blog has captured a really neat aesthetic; it’s approachable and captures what Rosie, the blogger, is all about.

She has a very conversational writing style, which brings you closer to the writing itself. I really enjoy that aspect of her blogging.

Esther @ Cozy With Books

Cozy with Books once posted 100 blog posts in 100 days. That’s how seriously she takes blogging. Her dedication is matched equally by her quality of content.

We don’t typically read the same books, but that’s partly why I enjoy her blog so much – it exposes me to other types of writing.

Plus, Esther’s just a really flipping nice person.

Literary Time Machine

Speaking of great people, Chantelle’s blog, Literary Time Machine, is one I started following only recently. She’s a historical fiction book blogger and possesses a MA in Holocaust Studies.

An active social media user, Chantelle is kind, conscientious, and always posts something fascinating each day.

I don’t tend to read much historical fiction, but there are a handful of books on Literary Time Machine that I’ve since added to my TBR!

Lit Lemon Books

Mackenzie @ Lit Lemon Books is brilliant. She posts regular, diverse book-related content – as well as some fun ‘beyond bookish’ posts including her favourite scary movies

Interestingly, she’s also challenging herself to ‘read for free’ in 2022, by supporting local libraries. For many of us, the idea of not buying new books for an entire year is virtually impossible, so do check in and see how she’s doing!

Owl Be Sat Reading

Owl be Sat Reading is a phenomenal book reviewer and a real credit to the Book Twitter community. On her blog, expect to find reviews of the latest ARCs – especially in both women’s fiction and horror.

Jennie @ The Redhead Notes

Jennie only started her book blogging journey recently, hence I only came across The Redhead Notes a short while ago.

It’s a stunning website and I think she’ll go really far in the book blogging community, so head over and give her a follow. Her guide to tea drinking is a great place to start! 

Bookaholic Bex

Bex is one of the funniest, most authentic people on Twitter – and a super passionate blogger. After all, she’s focused on ‘books, more books, and nothing but the books’!

If you’re not following Bex, you’re missing out big time.

Got any bloggers you want to give a shout out to? Post a link to their site below!

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  2. I loved reading this and finding so many new bloggers to check out! Chapters of May, The Wordy Habitat, The Bashful Bookworm, Read and Review It, and Worlds Unlike Our Own are some of my favorites 🙂

  3. Just rummaging around your blog John, so I’m late to this post. I’m doing this challenge too. I do believe it is a great way to keep up with other book bloggers and to get lots of ideas for new books, new genres and new posts to introduce to your own blog.