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12 Bytes Jeanette Winterson Social

12 Bytes (by Jeanette Winterson)

“There’s a new kind of quasi-religious discourse forming, with its own followers, its creed, its orthodoxy, its heretics, its priests, its literature, its eschatological framework.

Luckenbooth By Jenni Fagan

Luckenbooth (by Jenni Fagan)

“There is cheering out on the street. There is dancing. People meet and fall in love. Scuffles break out. They drink far too much. All

Christ on a Bike Book Review

Christ on a Bike (by Orla Owen)

“Cerys receives an unexpected inheritance but there are rules attached. Three simple rules that must be followed…” Title: Christ on a BikeAuthor: Orla OwenPages: 260Published