2024 UK Book Festival Calendar

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The UK boasts an enormous number of book festivals. In fact, there are almost enough for you to visit a literary event every 3 days each calendar year!

But where do you start? With so many book festivals dotted around the UK, all varying in size, price, and genre – it’s pretty overwhelming.

You’ve probably heard of the larger events like Hay Festival and Cheltenham Literature Festival, but what about some of the smaller successes like Derby Book Festival?

This growing page is designed to list every single literary festival in the UK calendar. And so whether you’re a book festival veteran or trying to pick your first, I hope you find it helpful.

Edinburgh Book FestivalScotland08/2024
Wigtown Book FestivalScotland09/2024
Borders Book FestivalScotland06/2024
Appledore Book FestivalSouth West09/2024
Hay FestivalWales05/2024
Derby Book FestivalEast Midlands02/2024
Hexham Book FestivalNorth East04/2024
Durham Book FestivalNorth East10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Harrogate Crime Writing FestivalYorkshire & The Humber07/2024
Paisley Book FestivalScotland04/2024
Boswell Book FestivalScotland05/2024
Guildford Book FestivalLondon10/2024
Cheltenham Book FestivalSouth West10/2024
Essex Book FestivalEast of England06/2024
Stroud Book FestivalSouth West11/2024
Tring Book FestivalEast of England03/2024
Wimbledon Book FestivalLondon10/2024
Belfast Book FestivalNorthern Ireland06/2024
Falmouth Book FestivalSouth West10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Felixstowe Book FestivalEast of England06/2024
London Literature FestivalLondon10/2024
Newark Book FestivalEast Midlands07/2024
North Cornwall Book FestivalSouth West09/2024
Ullapool Book FestivalScotland06/2024
Brighton Book FestivalSouth East06/2024
Folkestone Book FestivalSouth East11/2023 (TBC 2024)
Hastings Book FestivalSouth East09/2024
Nairn Book and Arts FestivalScotland08/2024
Queen's Park Book FestivalLondon08/2024
Barnes Book FestivalLondon09/2024
Barnes Children's Literature FestivalLondon06/2024
Henley Book FestivalSouth East09/2024
Lowdham Book FestivalEast Midlands06/2024
Repton Book FestivalEast Midlands10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Black British Book FestivalLondon10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Aye Write Book FestivalScotlandNot running in 2024
Winchester Book FestivalSouth East04/2024
Aldeburgh Book FestivalEast of England03/2024
Boston Book FestivalEast of England06/2024 (Crime)
09/2024 (General)
Chiswick Book FestivalLondon09/2024
Chorlton Book FestivalNorth West09/2024
Cuckfield Book FestivalSouth East10/2024
Pentland Book FestivalScotland11/2023 (TBC 2024)
Richmond Book FestivalLondon09/2024
St Duthac Book and Arts FestivalScotland09/2024
Tidelines Book FestivalScotland09/2023 (TBC 2024)
Blairgowrie Book FestivalScotland10/2024
Bradford Book FestivalYorkshire & The Humber06/2024
Clapham Book FestivalLondon10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Faversham Book FestivalSouth East02/2024
Herts Book FestivalEast of England05/2024
Ilkley Book FestivalYorkshire & The Humber10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Lincoln Book FestivalEast Midlands10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Linton Book FestivalEast of EnglandNot running in 2024
Portobello Book FestivalScotland10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Tetbury Book FestivalSouth West09/2023 (TBC 2024)
Tobermory Book FestivalScotland10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Wokingham Children's Book FestivalSouth East10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Bath Children's Literature FestivalSouth West09/2024
Berkhamsted Book FestivalEast of England11/2023 (TBC 2024)
Berwick Book FestivalNorth East10/2024
Birmingham Book FestivalWest Midlands10/2024
Birnam Book FestivalScotland10/2024
Isle of Wight Literary FestivalSouth East10/2024
Bloody Scotland Crime Writing FestivalScotland09/2024
Penzance Literary FestivalSouth West07/2024
Exmoor Literary FestivalSouth West11/2024
Garden Museum Literary FestivalSouth West06/2024
Clevedon Literary FestivalSouth West11/2023 (TBC 2024)
Manchester Book FestivalNorth West10/2023 (TBC 2024)
Norfolk and Norwich Book FestivalEast of England05/2024
Kendal Mountain Literary FestivalNorth West11/2023 (TBC 2024)
Bay Tales LiveNorth East03/2024
Sherborne Travel Writing FestivalSouth West05/2024
Mayfair Times Literary FestivalLondonTBC 2024
Wealden FestivalEast of EnglandTBC 2024
Petworth FestivalEast of England10/2024
Brontë Festival of Women’s WritingYorkshire & The Humber09/2023 (TBC 2024)
Marlborough LitFestSouth West09/2024
Harrogate Literature FestivalYorkshire & The Humber10/2024
Bridport Literary FestivalSouth West11/2023 (TBC 2024)
DESIblitz Literature FestivalWest Midlands10/2024
Ledbury Poetry FestivalEast of England06/2024
Llangym Literary FestivalWales08/2024
Mallaig Book FestivalScotland11/2024
Budleigh Salterton Literary FestivalSouth West03/2024 (Spring)
09/2024 (Autumn)
Deptford Literature FestivalLondon03/2024
Kite FestivalSouth West06/2024
Primadonna FestivalEast of England07/2024
Braemar Literary FestivalScotland09/2023 (TBC 2024)
BeaconLit FestivalSouth East07/2024
Books by the BeachYorkshire & The Humber06/2024
Cambridge Literary FestivalEast of England04/2024
Chalfont St. Giles Literary FestivalSouth East05/2024
Chipping Norton Literature FestivalSouth EastNot running in 2024
Fowey Festival of Arts & LiteratureSouth West05/2024
Huddersfield Literature FestivalYorkshire & The Humber04/2024
Oxford Literary FestivalSouth East03/2024
Small Publishers FairLondon10/2024
South Warwickshire Literary FestivalWest Midlands09/2024
Stoke Newington Literary FestivalLondonTBC 2024
Stratford Literary FestivalWest Midlands05/2024
Tunbridge Wells Literary FestivalSouth EastTBC 2024
Thame Arts and Literature FestivalSouth East02/2024
Wantage Literary FestivalSouth East10/2024
Wolverhampton Literature FestivalWest Midlands02/2024
York Literature FestivalYorkshire & The Humber03/2024
Wirksworth Book FestivalEast Midlands04/2024
Off the Shelf Festival of Words (Sheffield)South Yorkshire03/2024