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Wordle Tips and Tricks | The Ultimate Guide for New Players


So, you’ve tried Wordle; the latest web-based game that’s become a viral hit on Twitter.

Perhaps you’re just getting started, or maybe (like me) you’re completely addicted. Regardless, here are some essential Wordle tips and tricks that’ll help solve your daily challenge.

Got any tips of your own? Stick them down in the comments below 👇

1) Choose your first word carefully

Your first attempt can make or break your entire Wordle run. Putting in a random word is purely pot-luck, and you might not even get any letters.

Ideally, pick a word with three or more unique vowels. This will almost always yield a letter, helping your subsequent attempts.

Audio is an ideal word because it covers every vowel except E. Another option might be Adieu. You can use a Scrabble tool to find more.

Try not to use a word that repeats vowels, because it’ll use up a potential slot for another letter.

2) Understand the Prompts

This is a simple tip.

Upon entering a guess, you’ll be greeted by three results – yellow, green, and grey. 

Green means you’ve guessed a letter in the correct part of the word. Yellow means the letter is included in the word, but in a different place. Meanwhile, grey means that letter is not part of the word.

3) Use the on-screen keyboard

For our next Wordle tip, we’ll be looking at the keyboard.

You’ll notice that letters on your keyboard reflect the colours on your main Wordle board. 

Helpfully, the remaining letters that you’re yet to try remain highlighted in a light grey. Look at these on your subsequent attempts and see which letters would help make a word, based on the letters you’ve already correctly guessed.

And of course… never use a dark grey letter – you’ve already tried that one!

4) Letters can be used more than once

Whilst you’ll want to avoid using multiples of the same letter in your first couple of guesses, it’s worth knowing that Wordle allows you to use the same letter more than once (after all, many words contain duplicate letters!)

Try and prevent yourself from using these until you’re reasonably certain that there’s a duplicate letter.

5) Take your time

Wordle doesn’t need to be a quick game. After all, we only get one word every 24 hours, so do take your time.

Pay attention to the letters you’ve used, and especially those remaining.

Taking your time with Wordle will actually enable you to guess correctly in a far shorter number of turns.

6) Play on the same device

Wordle is a browser game, so it saves your progress based on cookies installed on your device.

If you play on another device, your beloved winning streaks will not carry over. Also, if you delete your cookies, you’ll lose your stats and progress.

So, in an ideal world, pick a device (typically your mobile) and stick with it.

However, because it’s prudent to delete cookies every now and again to save space on your device, you may wish to set up an exemption for the Wordle website. 

Click or tap one of the icons below to do this.

Manage Cookies in Edge

Manage Cookies in Chrome

Manage Cookies in FireFox

Manage Cookies in Safari

These tips should help you get started with Wordle. If I’ve missed any obvious Wordle tips and tricks, do let me know in the comments below!

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