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Boys Don't Cry Book Cover

Boys Don’t Cry Book Review

This is Dublin. Except in Boys Don’t Cry, there’s no Grafton Street or Temple Bar. This is real, lived-in Dublin. We’re transported to a block of

The Rings of Mars Review

The Rings of Mars Book Review

Blighted by the effects of climate change, humanity looks to the stars. The Rings of Mars, a ‘spy-fi’ thriller, sees mankind begin a mass migration

The Living Sword Book Review

The Living Sword is a curious book. On the one hand, it has a well-realised world with a good supporting cast. Plus it’s intriguing enough

Nineteen Eighty-Four Audiobook Review

Nineteen Eighty-Four (Audiobook) review

Nineteen Eighty-Four is one of those timeless novels and a testament to the power of language. Such is its influence, adaptations have spanned film, television,

Leonard and Hungry Paul Book Review

Ronan Hession’s debut novel is a delight. A tale of two seemingly unremarkable people, the novel’s introverted protagonists spin entirely on their own axis to

Simple Guide to Netgalley Martin Amis

Inside Story Book Review

Inside Story, Martin Amis’s latest autobiographical novel**, is brilliant at times. It’s well written and a sombre ennui pervades his entries on late father-figure Saul

August 2020 Reading Roundup In Absurdia

In Absurdia Book Review

In Absurdia is a curious novel. It’s also rather rather on-brand for this blog. But how did I feel about it? It’s a dizzying, disorientating