Update 16/04/2021: Tales from Absurdia will be covering mostly indie & self-published books. However, there are some non-indie books I wish to share with my audience.

Exciting news!

As of January, 2021, Tales from Absurdia will be pivoting reviews towards the independent and self-publishing sectors.

More and more authors are looking beyond the traditional means of publishing. So, I want to highlight the success stories in the indie and self-publishing spheres, whilst helping readers navigate what is fast-becoming a saturated marketplace.

This will take the form of informative articles, honest reviews, helpful resources, and hopefully a few interviews along the way.

What this means in practice

The majority of book reviews published after 1st January, 2021 will be from small presses, independent publishers, and self-published authors.

My review policy remains largely unchanged – Tales from Absurdia is a trusted, independent voice in the book world.

If a book is phenomenal, it will be rated accordingly. Equally, if a book is unimpressive, it too will be rated in accordance with the review rating system.

More on the Review Rating System

Equally, interviews will now be with indie publishers and authors, self-published authors, and other bloggers.

I will, however, continue to produce generalised bookish blogs that you know and love, including 4 Reasons to Visit a Library, Should Book Bloggers Publish Negative Reviews?, The Simple Guide to Netgalley, and more.

Why Indie?

Since Tales from Absurdia’s inception, I’ve become far more intrigued by the indie & self-publishing sectors.

I’ve never been in favour of making TfA a genre blog. There are already many fantastic genre bloggers out there, dedicated to sci-fi, or fantasy, or YA fiction, and literary fiction.

But it’s fair to say that I’ve been on a bit of a journey. Prior to starting TfA, I’d only ever read a small handful of books from independent publishers and self-published authors.

It’s also true that, like many, I probably had preconceived notions about self-publishing, including question marks over the quality.

And whilst it is true that self-publishing can be a a minefield for prospective readers, it’s no less true of books published via large, traditional publishing houses.

I’m confident that Tales from Absurdia can make a meaningful contribution to these conversations.

I want to help readers navigate the busy marketplace of self-published works. I also want to give a platform to genuinely world-class indie fiction, such as The Sound Mirror, and share these with my readership.

All of this is underpinned by a truly sincere love of literature.

If you have any recommendations, shoot me an email me at hello@talesfromabsurdia.com.

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