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August 2020 Reading Roundup

The August 2020 Reading Roundup saw me read quite possibly my worst novel of the year. I also finally fell in love with Philip Pullman’s

The Enduring Humanism of The Martian

Why the Martian is a Humanist Story

* This article contains major spoilers for The Martian.   The Martian, written by Andy Weir, is a fantastic piece of fiction. It’s well-researched, witty,

Heidi James Interview

A Conversation with… Heidi James

Welcome to the Heidi James edition of A Conversation With… Heidi James is an award-winning author published by Bluemoose Books. Ahead of the launch of

July 2020 Reading Roundup

July was a curiously diverse month, reading-wise. I tackled a sci-fi epic, an autobiography, the latest YA novel in the Hunger Games series, and a

8 Literary Quotes About Adventure Waldo Emerson

8 Quotes About Travel by Writers

Great literature can transport you anywhere. But if you have the opportunity to do so, traveling is good for the soul. It offers perspective –

Reading Roundup June 2020

June 2020 Reading Roundup

The month of June was fairly sparse in terms of reading time, so it’s a very short roundup this time. However, from non-fiction to sci-fi,

Daniel Peterson Interview

A Conversation with… Daniel Peterson

Following my review of The Playmaker Project (spoilers – it’s very good!), Daniel Peterson and I got together to discuss life, his influences, and of course,