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Rings of Power Season 1 Review

Rings of Power, Season 1 Review

Now that season 1 of Rings of Power is already behind us, it’s time for a retrospective look at Amazon’s big-budget fantasy. Does Rings of

Manchester Bookshops Skyline

Must-Visit Manchester Bookshops

A History of Literature in Manchester With the likes of The Secret Garden author Francis Hodgson Burnett, Elisabeth Gaskell, and the opium-fiend, Thomas de Quincey,

Best Bookshops in Leeds

Must-Visit Bookshops in Leeds

A History of Literature in Leeds The bookshops in Leeds are diverse and extensive, reflecting the fact that Leeds itself is home to a range

How to Write Better Book Reviews Blue

How to Write Better Book Reviews

Table of Contents Writing a book review involves a very different style of writing to anything else you’ll produce for your blog. Therefore, in order

Desert Island Lit | Episode 3 (BooksNest)

@BooksNest BooksNest Beth | BooksNest Beth is an award-winning blogger and BookTuber. She also writes about mental health, blogging & social media tips, feminism, sex