Derby ‘Sett’ for New Indie Bookshop!

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Attention indie bookshop nerds.

This is not a drill.

A brand new indie bookshop is opening very soon in Belper, Derbyshire.

I repeat, this is not a drill.

Bearded Badger Publishing is a fairly new indie publisher, having only published their first novel – Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel – as recently as 2020.

Bearded Badger Books New Indie Book Shop
Bearded Badger Bookshop based in Belper, Derbyshire

But not content with carving out a place in the UK’s vibrant indie publishing scene, Head Badger and beard connoisseur Paul Handley has been working hard over the past 12 months to create his very own literary sett in the heart of Derbyshire.

I caught up with Paul ahead of the store’s opening to find out why – as a relatively new indie publisher – he opted to open a retail space.

“When I started Bearded Badger Publishing Company in Jan 2020, my vision was to be part of the community, and having a retail base is integral to that.

Basically, a place to come and have a browse, a chat, and hopefully one or two might buy a book. I hope Bearded Badger Books will be more than just a retail unit.

Also, as an newish indie publisher, I know how hard it is to make a mark on the world!

Firstly there’s the whole Amazon thing – I’m not anti-Amazon, but their business model is based on volume above all else. I want to offer something that is the antithesis of that!

Our shop is small, very small, but our range will be curated almost, with a lot of focus on the indie / small press network. I read a lot of books by small presses, I’m rarely (if ever!) disappointed… I guess I just want to share that with others!

It’s sounds obvious and probably a little bit of a cliche, but I love books. We will still do our pop-up social evenings, with poetry / book reading, and we will still support festivals and events…obviously once circumstances allow.

I want my headstone to read ‘He was the Lawrence Ferlinghetti of Derbyshire’!!! (I’m only semi-joking here!!).”

Paul Handley, Owner @ Bearded Badger Books

Based in trendy Belper shopping arcade, The 1924, Bearded Badger Books is due to open on Saturday 17th April, 2021.

If you’re local to the area and it’s safe to travel, do pop by and support a new indie bookshop.

In the meantime, why not follow Bearded Badger Publishing on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest info 📚

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